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Sites I write for/own

This page links to a bunch of sites I either write for, that I own and write for, or that I’ve done freelanced work for.  Each site will be linked then have a description following it to explain what it is and what my contributions to it is.  This will be broken down into sections.

Blogs/Sites/Fansites I Own and Write For

  • Kayhynn Turns the Page – This site was left dormant for  the past year while I launched and got Social Media Marketing Tips and Hints blog launched and posting to regularly. Now that that site is going well and I’ve been writing posts ahead of time, I plan to resume writing for this blog as well.
  • Social Media Marketing Tips and Hints – Each week I post one to four articles talking about how to successfully market using Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media outlets. These posts will fall into categories like: Tuesday Tips, Wednesday Words, and Thursday Tutorials. Other posts will be information for people who like pages as well as just generic information that is useful for anyone using social media to know.This is all information I learned from attending free seminars, reading free websites and through my own personal experiences with social media marketing.
  • SpiderWebzDesign.net – A personal site dedicated to my freelance writing and project examples.  Site is currently being revamped which is why this site looks better than it.
  • UOHomeDecor.com – An Ultima Online Fansite.  Relaunched in 2009 from a previous site I owned.  This site is dedicated to the art of decorating homes in Ultima Online. It contains articles, some written  by myself and some written by others, as well as videos, item databases, how-to videos, house tours and more.

Sites I Write For/Have Written For, But Don’t Own

Freelance Writing Links – These are links to independent projects that I have written in the past

  • Coming soon